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Fig. 5 | Biointerphases

Fig. 5

From: Understanding Nano-Anatomy of Healthy and Carious Human Teeth: a Prerequisite for Nanodentistry

Fig. 5

Processed scanning SAXS data of specimen 100818. The enlarged picture details show regions where well known micro-anatomical features can be identified. In a Hunter–Schreger bands which result from the decussation of neighbouring rod bundles can be seen as alternating bright and dark stripes. In b the overall direction of the dentinal tubules, micrometer-thin channels in the dentin, can be identified. In c lines arising from the deposition of different calcification layers during enamel formation called lines of Retzius are shown, while in d the imbrication lines of von Ebner that correspond to the daily rate of dentin formation can be seen. The contrast and brightness of the detailed images has been modified with respect to the original image to better bring to light the microstructures

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