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Fig. 7

From: Design and Fabrication of Tubular Scaffolds via Direct Writing in a Melt Electrospinning Mode

Fig. 7

Culture of hOBs on CaP coated electrospun PCL tubular scaffolds. a Optical image showing fibers with winding angle of 45° prior to CaP coating. b SEM image showing the coated PCL meshes prior to cell seeding. An SEM image taken at higher resolution (inset 25 × 25 μm) reveals the microstructure of the biomimetic coating. c CLSM 3D projection of hOBs cultured on the scaffold for 2 weeks. Cells were fixed and stained for f-actin (red) and nuclei (blue). An overlay of the fluorescent and transmission light microscopy image is shown. d LSM 3D projection taken at higher magnification [same conditions as in c]. e SEM image showing hOBs after 2 weeks of culture on the scaffold. Arrows in d and e indicate fiber crossovers where hOBs start to span neighbouring fibers. f Live/dead assay by using FDA/PI staining showed that >90% of the hOBs were alive after 2 weeks of culture

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