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Journal for Biophysical Chemistry

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Fig. 8 | Biointerphases

Fig. 8

From: Design and Fabrication of Tubular Scaffolds via Direct Writing in a Melt Electrospinning Mode

Fig. 8

Culture of mOBs on melt electrospun PCL fibers taken from a tube with a winding angle of 30°. mOBs initially showed good attachment and then proliferated over a culture period of 4 weeks. a After 4 weeks of culture a 2 mm biopsy punch was used to harvest the specimen shown in bd. SEM showed that the mOBs formed a mineralized ECM not only on the scaffold fibers but also inside and across the pore architecture (b and c). d CLSM revealed by using DAPI/Phalloidin staining alignment of mOBs along the fiber axis

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