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Fig. 9 | Biointerphases

Fig. 9

From: Design and Fabrication of Tubular Scaffolds via Direct Writing in a Melt Electrospinning Mode

Fig. 9

Met-5A cells were seeded on PCL meshes at a density of 2 × 105 cells in 40 μL. Scaffold/cell constructs were imaged every 2 weeks performing cell viability and imaging analyses using CLSM (ac) and SEM (d). a Over the culture period a cell viability of greater than 90% was determined by live/dead staining. b Maximal projections of CLSM images (inset scale bars 100 μm) revealed an ongoing cell/ECM sheet formation covering more than 75% of the pore space indicated by (c) 3D reconstructions. d SEM revealed the morphology of Met-5A cells, where sheet formation started on day 14 and continued up to day 28

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