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Editorial for the First Springer Biointerphases Volume

BiointerphasesJournal for Biophysical Chemistry20127:15

Published: 15 February 2012

Dear Readers,

I want to thank you for your ongoing interest and your contributions to Biointerphases, which by now is not a “start–up” anymore, but is an established and competitive communication platform for the Biointerface Community. Our Impact Factor—still rising—competes with other established journals, and we are now a recognized publication, as reflected in the increasing number of submissions. Starting with this volume, Biointerphases is published through the SpringerOpen Library ( With our new publishing partner, Biointerphases will be part of a large family of journals and books serving the needs of the biomaterials, biomedical and biophysical communities. Otherwise, nothing has changed: we remain an open access journal dedicated to quantitative interface science; we are owned by the non-for profit professional society AVS; and the same Advisory Board, Co-Editors and Editor which have successfully led Biointerphases over the last years will continue to serve the journal and its readers. Most importantly, our editorial policy—quality over quantity—will continue to be enforced, and our goal remains to publish papers as fast as possible, i.e. within 45 days.

In the next years I expect an even more rapid growth due to the partnership with Springer, who is committed to strongly promoting Biointerphases as one of the SpringerOpen journals. So please continue to read our journal, and send your comments and best manuscripts to Biointerphases. I ensure you that your work will be seen, read and quoted!

Our new partnership with Springer will be kicked off with an In Focus issue on “Nanomedicine”, followed later in the year by an In Focus issue on “The Future of Biosensors”. If you have suggestions for an In Focus issue, please let me know so we can consider it.

With my best wishes for a successful and peaceful New Year,

Michael Grunze



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