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Fig. 3

From: Response of Osteoclasts to Titanium Surfaces with Increasing Surface Roughness: An In Vitro Study

Fig. 3

Confocal (left column) and SEM (middle and right column) micrographs of differentiated osteoclasts cultured on TS, TA, TLA and bone. For confocal microscopy cells were immunostained for F-actin (green) and cell nuclei (blue). On TS a podosome belt and multiple filopodia extending from the cell periphery could be observed (ac). Osteoclast morphology as observed in confocal microscopy was fairly similar for TA and TLA (d, g), osteoclasts cultured on bone showed the same characteristics but were bigger and showed bigger actin rings (j). In SEM cell attachment to the surface could be visualized. Cells cultured on TA (e, f), TLA (h, i) and bone (k, l) had a similar morphology; they formed elongated cytoplasmic extensions to attach to the underlying surface. On bone resorbed areas with loose collagen fibers became visible (l)

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