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Journal for Biophysical Chemistry

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Open Access

Stable insulating tethered bilayer lipid membranes

  • Inga K. Vockenroth1,
  • Christian Ohm1,
  • Joseph W. F. Robertson2,
  • Duncan J. McGillivraya3, 4, 5,
  • Mathias Lösche3, 4 and
  • Ingo Köper6Email author

Received: 14 January 2008

Accepted: 7 May 2008


Tethered bilayer lipid membranes have been shown to be an excellent model system for biological membranes. Coupling of a membrane to a solid supports creates a stable system that is accessible for various surface analytical tools. Good electrical sealing properties also enable the use of the membranes in practical sensing applications. The authors have shown that tethered membranes have extended lifetimes up to several months. Air-stability of the bilayer can be achieved by coating the membrane with a hydrogel. The structure of a monolayer and its stability under applied dc potentials have been investigated by neutron scattering. © 2008 American Vacuum Society.