Journal for Biophysical Chemistry

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Cooperative photoinduced two-dimensional condensation in Langmuir films observed using nanosecond pump-probe Brewster angle microscopy

  • Jonathan Hobley1,
  • Sergey Gorelik1,
  • Tomoya Oori2,
  • Shinji Kajimoto2,
  • Hiroshi Fukumura2,
  • Jun Matsui3 and
  • Tokuji Miyashita3

Received: 17 August 2010

Accepted: 7 October 2010

Published: 14 December 2010


Two-dimensional condensation was initiated in a self-assembled mixed monolayer of spiropyran and octadecanol by a nanosecond laser pulse. The dynamics of the process were monitored using nanosecond pump-probe Brewster angle microscopy. Domain growth followed a power law with a growth exponent of 0.47 at a velocity approaching 20 ms−1. This represents a limit for the rate of longitudinal signaling of pressure waves through a self-assembled amphiphilic layer at an interface and adds to our understanding of signal transmission rates in biomimetic membranes where morphological change in one region can be signaled to a more remote region.