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Journal for Biophysical Chemistry

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Figure 3

From: A virus biosensor with single virus-particle sensitivity based on fluorescent vesicle labels and equilibrium fluctuation analysis

Figure 3

Response curves displaying the signal-to-background (s/b) vs. concentration for a chosen data set analyzed with different strategies. a) After evaluation of the surface-bound vesicles at equilibrium. Evaluation was performed either by vesicle counting (green squares) or by measuring the average image intensity (light blue dots). b) Using the vesicle arrival rate (δn +t) as a signal. c) Using the area under the dissociation curve (A diss). Evaluation was performed taking all events into account (black triangles), for Δτ > 10 s, i.e. after removing of all events with a short residence time (red dots) or for 10 s < Δτ <100 s, i.e. after removing the events with a short residence time and the irreversibly bound vesicles (blue stars). In all cases, the background signal was the signal measured on the negative control.

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